Monday, May 2, 2011

Or Suffer the Consequences

Welcome one and all to the Motivational Monday launch party!
(Cue fireworks, confetti, and marching band.)

            We’re so glad you could join us and we can’t wait for the festivities to begin.

            But first…

A trip to the dentist. *groan*

            Everyone HATES going to the dentist. It’s scary, annoying, and possibly excruciating. So we all put it off for as long as we can, but in the end, we put on our grown up panties and head to the office fearful yet determined.

            And what happens if you don’t go?

            Cavities. Tooth decay. Gingivitis. Funk mouth.

            None of which are pleasant and all of which might involve public humiliation.

            (Cue Motivational Monday tie-in.)

            Sometimes getting wotp can be just as uncomfortable and easy to put off. There’s that ever-growing pile of laundry and/or dishes, the moldy contents of your fridge to contend with, those pesky cobwebs hanging from the ceiling that desperately need your attention, and of course those hours upon hours of [insert your current TV obsession] that must be watched pronto.

            And what happens when you put all of those things ahead of writing?

            You don’t write at all. Which is almost as bad as having Funk Mouth.

            So, for our inaugural MoMo challenge, you need to set a writing goal and reach it. Make it tough, but attainable.

            And if you don’t make your goal?


            You must black out one of your front teeth with eyeliner, take a picture of yourself, and post the picture as your profile pic in your choice of online public forums. Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you don’t have one of those profiles (You’re not on facebook?! Hello, it’s 2011!), then you must wear your blacked out tooth to run an errand where people will see your toothless grin.

Here's a fine example:

Post your goal in the comments section and share us with your friends. We will offer encouragement…
            Wait, who am I kidding? We’re not going to offer you any rosy, warm and fuzzy encouragement. That’s not our style.

            We’re going to shove you, push you, and prod you until you meet your goal because it’s what friends do for each other J

            Now, put on the grown up underwear and get to writing!



  1. LMAO--Love the picture!

    So here's my goal. 3,000 new words! It has huge potential for failure, but I'm not going to let that happen. After 8 years of braces and having to wear a head gear twice (once as a freshman in high school) I have a 'thing' about my teeth looking perfect. I will prevail!

    #1 momwrite fan

  2. It is a great picture!

    My goal for the day is to finish my WIP - about 500 words, then edit my synopsis and write a query letter.

    No sweat, lol!

  3. Not afraid of the dentist. Not afraid of writing, either.

  4. L.-- You should post your writing goal and show us how fearlessly you reach it. Perhaps it would inspire other people to be more brave.

    #1fan-- just remember to post a picture if you fail so that I'm not the only one humiliated.


  5. My goal for today is to go over my first three chapters (for the millionth time), put a final polish on my cover letter, and hit send.

    There is also that little matter of going to the dentist today...


  6. That picture will forever haunt me.

    But it worked!

    I polished my submission and hit send.
    I started my plot cards for the new project.

    And now *gulp* to go see about that cavity.

  7. Love it! I'm extra motivated to reach my goal of editing two chapters by Thursday! That's it for now since this is my writing time and I'm getting too distracted reading your super cool new blog. :) Not to mention that fact that I may get kicked off the internet any second since I'm at Starbucks and they have been having issues with that today.

  8. I made my goal! Finished my WIP, first draft of synopsis revised AND first draft of query letter completed!

    No black tooth for me!

  9. Welcome Robin! So good to see you! And have a coffee for me :)

  10. Instead of meeting my 3,000 word goal I wrote 5,069 words today! Over and beyond by 2,000 words. No black tooth for me!

  11. Go Abbie! That's an impressive number.
    DOLLS rule!

  12. Gee, I'm a bit late on this week's challenge... Maybe I should wait and post a goal for next week... Since I will be at the dentist's on Monday.


    I do have a big goal for the month. Finish the first draft of the current WIP. I need about 35k or so...

  13. Maureen has a lofty goal. And I'm sure she'll do anything to avoid the dreaded black tooth.

    So will I, even though I've already humiliated myself right here.

    For today's MoMo my goal is to go through my entire MS and handle tightening up my heroine's pov. By 5pm (est).

    And since the fear of the black tooth doesn't really apply to me any more, the new punishment is a ruffled pink dress for dinner at the conference we're attending in June. If you know me at all you'll understand how frightening that is for me.

    I'm not wishing anyone good luck because I'm too busy avoiding said dress.

    All my love,