Monday, August 1, 2011


I hate summer. Really.
The sun burns my pasty, white skin.
Cut grass makes me sneeze.
I sweat.
My to-do list grows exponentially, which makes me sweat more.
It's hot.
And not "nice" hot, but grueling, miserable, I-want-to-put-ice-cubes-down-my-pants-and-cling-to-the-nearest-fan hot.
On top of all of those things, my lack of drive/energy makes my WIP suffer.
I believe summer is out to get me.
Well, summer, I've got news for you:
And, in order to prove it to you, I will get more wotp this month than I ever have before.
That's right.
I'm not going to let you keep me down. Your oppressive reign is FINISHED.
I urge you all to join my cause to take back the three months we've been robbed of in the past.
What is your greatest monthly writing total? Editing total?
Figure it out, then beat the crap out of it.
Starting today and ending at midnight August 31st.
If you make your goal, reward yourself with something, anything and give summer the one finger salute. (You can point that one finger at the sun. Summer will get the message.)
If you don't make your goal...
Put on a pair of sunglasses. Then, using blush or any other dark makeup like eyeshadow, give yourself a sunburn or tan all around the frames and over your entire face.
The result should look something like this:

If you don't make your goal, you must make a public appearance with your raccoon face on!
Get to work.
Hugs and kisses,