Monday, November 14, 2011

Stay on Track

Poor little Motivational Monday has been neglected.
But we've been VERY busy, I swear.
Kim finished editing an MS, started a blog (, started a part time day job, chased after her kids, and managed to do all of that while helping her husband with harvest which ran almost four weeks behind schedule and included a potential disaster with their combine.
I also finished editing an MS, sent out a round of submissions (lots of passes and a couple of big requests), finaled in a contest, started a blog ( AND another another MS, and fit all of that in while working full time at the tattoo shop.
And both of us spent the first weekend of the month in Houston at The Story Masters workshop with Donald Maass, James Scott Bell, and Christopher Vogler. It was unbelievably awesome. In fact, we learned so much, I'm pretty sure that's why this post is late. Our brains simply couldn't handle the task.
Did I mention that we both signed up for National Novel Writing Month too?
And I think that's the point for this month. If writing and the career of writing is important to you, you MAKE the time and stay focused on your goals. It's hard, we know. Sometimes it's a total b*tch, but you HAVE to do it. Learn discipline, buy a planner, surround yourself with post its. Whatever it takes to keep you on track.
It also helps to have an amazing critique partner or group who will push you and force you to keep going.
It will all be worth it in the end.
So, with the crazy lives all of us lead, what are the things that keep you moving?